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Video analytics and biometric identification

Detect and recognize people, objects, events with high accuracy and speed even in challenging conditions
Face recognition
Advances in video analytics and artificial intelligence have drastically improved the accuracy and speed of detection and recognition of people's characteristics, such as face and body attributes, gender, age, emotions.
Beyond object detection and recognition, our software can carry out analysis finding trends, incidents, and correlations to build video intelligence solutions.
Vehicle recognition
Off-the-shelf face, body, and object, in particular vehicle, recognition capabilities that are primarily applied to public safety use cases, and the agility to extend and re-train algorithms for other use cases, such as traffic intelligence.
Better Security
High performance biometric technology provides police forces and security services with the real time knowledge necessary to enhance public safety
Better Living
Biometric data provides the knowledge required to manage and control the movement of individuals and people in public places and major international events
Better Business
Richer audience analytics gives businesses the knowledge to improve sale processes and customer marketing in today’s highly competitive environment

Safe cities are livable and prosperous

Our technology enables police forces to react immediately to apprehend criminals at large, minimising the risk of any additional crime and harm being perpetrated by them in the community.

Recognize faces (or body attributes) rapidly by processing video streams from the city’s CCTV system at a fast rate, rather than waste time of human operators.

Match faces captured by the city CCTV system with video footage from criminal records to establish identity and involvement of suspects in a crime, hence speed up criminal investigations.

Conduct real-time searches of suspects to identify their current location to enforce arrests.

Algorithms to help governments and businesses make better decisions

Real-time searches of suspects to identify their location. Tracking of person of interest and his contact history. Crowd detection.
Workers safety
Personal protective equipment detection. Intrusion detection. Zone management and analysis.
In-store security threat identification
Shoplifting prevention.
Retail and commercial real estate
Customer analytics. Age estimation. Gender classification. Smart check-outs solutions.
Identity verification
Transaction processing. Touchless payments. Liveness’ detection.
Access control and attendance management
Across multiple industries.

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Richer audience analytics gives businesses the knowledge to improve sale processes and customer marketing in today’s highly competitive environment

Recognito blog

There are three main usage scenarios in which artificial intelligence algorithms improve the productivity of day-by-day policing in cities.
Ongoing research and innovation constantly enhance our expertise to better support our customers and deliver 360° intelligent insights to improve public safety outcomes.
There is a virtuous cycle between economic growth that depends on a secure environment and higher income that makes it affordable for cities to make safety-increasing investments.
Face recognition companies must actively monitor the deployment of their technologies to ensure that that value is upheld, irrespective its deployment.